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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Military Casual..

One of the casual looks I love, a military type ensemble. I have been collecting separate pieces since college that lend themselves to a faux military look.

Here is a look that most in the area associate with me because I don this outfit often- when running errands. It is a brown suede blazer and real military pants-- my sister gave me. She is a federal officer.

This black sweater with buckle closures, heavy brown- side closure sweater [Syracuse find], or this black heavy wool zip up sweater are other examples.

Here are some items I could add to my light outer-ware collection:


My collection of casual lace up boots.

I think I should add a style with more length to the boot. I looked at these [also shown a similar shorter boot length] and a brown [comes in black too] Steve Madden:

I also love these. Military? Okay, maybe not but I love them anyway. They come in tan and black. I like the non flap look in this bootie because I think it will be easier to pair with dress slacks-- as well as jeans. By the way-- do some comparison shopping on these. Currently [thru- Aug. 4th 2013] a great price on these--- with the following link.

Two jackets currently in my closet- with a military flair.

I can remember where I purchased most of my clothes-- however for some reason the bomber jacket on the left-- totally escapes my mind.. think it was Georgetown...

I also like this Parka and Jack Spade Unisex Watch...

The Kenneth Cole Watch I recently purchased, goes with a lot of the items I already have. The band is dark brown and even though a man's watch- works well with my outfits.

Someone asked how would one wear the sweater to the left. A white/tan tank top, with matching leggings and perhaps the Steve Madden caramel boots shown above. The sweater buttoned at the breast or top. Stone washed jeans would be great too.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

New Philodendron

One of my plants was not doing well so I gave up. I think the pot was too small. I started a new one-- using a antique brass planter I purchased years ago that will look great on the buffet.

I have been experimenting with using a single leaf clipping-- however the clippings used for this new plant had a stem with at least two leaves. I am not having much luck with single leaves even though they appear to have roots when I put them in soil...

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Monitor Arrived..

My new Hannspree 16" LED-Lit Monitor arrived today. I have to say-- I could not be more pleased.

In the box:

  • Monitor- actual screen size height 8", width 13.6", diagonal 15.6"
  • Power cord
  • VGA serial cable
  • Instructions
  • CD with drivers-- found I did not need to install drivers for the netbook nor the Macbook.

Helpful Hints:

  1. When setting up a Mac-- insure you "Detect Displays" and click the box next to the words "Mirror Displays". These options are set via the System Preferences under Displays.

  2. Also with a Mac-- you will need a Mini DVI to VGA Adapter to connect the VGA cable that comes with the monitor to the Macbook.
  3. On a PC-- after hooking up the monitor to the PC's VGA/serial port, right click anywhere on your desktop and when the menu is displayed, select "Graphics Properties". Select the options to output to either your PC, new monitor or both.
  4. On the right lower side of the monitor there are five buttons. These buttons allow you to set monitor options or turn it off. I found it was easier to use the buttons to get the right colors, brightness and contrast- rather than the calibrate wizard under the Macbook's System Preferences.

It was the perfect solution for me and only $70. Also very important to me; I can move it to wherever I need to use it.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Leather Twirl...

For the office, one look I loved- shorter skirts with pleats paired with a matching tunic or blazer. The look came off very professional, however provided a feminine touch. Here are examples [from my closet] of what I mean.

I rarely wore- leather to the office-- however, things have changed. I have always owned leather. I have pencil skirts in both leather and for business. A leather pencil skirt used to be the foundation of my weekend look. When I found this leather-- twirl skirt - I immediately thought of blazers, silk blouses and tunics I could pair with it. I am showing Nordstrom's complete the look...

icon icon icon icon

Here is another leather "twirl" along with the perfect accessory [Beth, has one].

The really great thing? All of these items are now on sale-- til August 4th, 2013.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

ordered a new monitor...

I finally ordered a monitor to use with my Macbook. The problems with the Macbook's display are intermittent and I need a reliable auxiliary option. I wanted a light-weight monitor with no frills- and small enough to fit in my work area with the Macbook-- and my netbook.

I found this Hannspree HL HL161ABB 16-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitorfor under $100.

According to the reviews-- I may not like all viewing angles of the display, however there should be no other issues. Price, size and weight sold me. I need to be able to move the monitor without too much hassle. The kitchen flat screen is too heavy to move and connected to Verizon equipment. I considered using a monitor from another system-- however decided I needed the system always operational for testing.

So it was a new monitor.

News from Washington? The same. Working to get you out of here.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

eating off schedule...

Today, I think because the plumber was in- installing the new toilet in the guest bathroom-- which dictated we allow for his schedule, we decided to eat "on the run".

The plumber was due around noon-- so around 10:00 a.m. my mother ran out [we live about a mile and a half from Costco]-- to get somethings. She also picked up this Jack Daniels Pulled BBQ Beef.

He finished the installation around 2:00 pm and we were so happy- that was all taken care of, we decided to make banana splits- [we had our sandwiches before he arrived]. Here are the ingredients we used for the splits:

My mother's is on the left and mine- on the right.

Was all of this food good? You bet. Can we do this often? No. I want to get back into my business suits. Today, I was taking inventory of what I could and could not wear. I need to lose for a lot of my things.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Bolero Shrugs

I admit, sometimes I start looking for something and just never give up until I have exhausted all avenues.

Case in point, I really liked the black maxi dress from the last post...

...however I like over-jackets for something like this. So I went in search of a soft velour crop jacket [bolero or shrug] in black. I was hoping for something with a Mandarin collar however found nothing that fit the bill...

Here are some looks I did find..

So, I thought about some of the things I own already. The knit crop top in these photos might work.

...or this shimmering gold crop top with a safari print that comes just below my breast-- perfect for the Empire waist of that maxi dress. The top looks longer in the photo and is shown with a summer black dress that is slightly shorter than the black maxi.

Both of these tops would make the dress less formal-- on most. Why cover up? For me- it gives a more formal look and I prefer to appear more aloof. Is this an oxymoron? No -- not really.. My hair and make up -- tend to dress up my outfits.

Another great resource I found for plus size boleros and shrugs-- Amazon's eVogues Store. I was really impressed with some of their offerings for plus size girls.

By the way-- did you see this Kate Spade New York Women's Neveah Bootie-- I listed in my Things I {Heart} in the sidebar link?

When I was looking around for fashion items last night-- and searched Amazon for Kate Spade-- I found this bootie and fell in love. Will they go with the Black Maxi? Yes.. but why hide them.

moving on. I love fashion.. I have very little in the way of options. are you? Let me know when you are done. I said no.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

black dress: it's in the details

I love simple black dresses. Add accessories- and a black dress can provide a range of looks for most social occasions-- or even day into evening.

That said-- sometimes a dress can have its own details... Two dresses I like:

Wyatt black stretch jersey knit pleated knot front 'Lucia' dressWyatt black stretch jersey knit pleated knot front 'Lucia' dress

  • Cruise/Vacation
  • Dinner with your guy
  • Evening BBQ or cocktail party.

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

a little distracted...

I have been so distracted lately. The display on my 5½ year old Macbook has been causing me problems all week. Everything else is working great-- and considering the age and how much I use it-- I am just not that unhappy with the longevity of my computer.

The following photo taken Wednesday, July 17th, 2012 around 8:00 p.m. and shows the Macbook display projected on the kitchen television. This is how I work when the Macbook display is not working.

It started last week when I was playing around with the camera on the Macbook. I rarely use the Macbook's on-board camera. I think it reset a System Preferences Display setting. It only worked briefly Wednesday evening-- long enough for me to take the photo.

Then this morning-- I booted up with the television connected, worked for a half an hour or so-- then put everything away. About 15 minutes later, I took everything out again-- because I had more to do--- and the Macbook display stayed lit. It always comes on but then disappears-- when its not working.

The following two photos- from this morning:

It's still working but I am not sure for how long. In the meantime my sister called to wish me a happy birthday and to say she would be over later. She also said she had to help get the new toilet out of my mother's car. I asked her what she was talking about.

I remember Wednesday, my mother said she purchased something having to do with a toilet, but I thought she said a toilet seat. I thought nothing of it at the time. Then yesterday, I moved her car out of the garage onto the driveway-- because the lawnmower repair guy was due to arrive. I never noticed the toilet sitting in the back of her car. She has a mini-van.

I went out to look-- and sure enough there was a little box with a new toilet. See.

It's so small. Here is where it will go:

And finally, see my mother's plant underneath the end table? That plant was here when I arrived.

She has had it forever. The other day, when I was taking photos of my plants I ignored the one or two that belong to her. That one is important because I use clippings from it- to make new plants.

I am in pretty good spirits-- which started even before the Macbook display began to work this morning. I opted for birthday pie and I am just not that unhappy to officially turn a year older today..

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

House Plants...

I love plants. Both indoor and outdoor-- however this post is about my house plants. When I moved away from home after college-- I began collecting them.

When I moved to Hanover-- I began my collection anew. At one point I had about 30 plants on the main floor alone. I also had an Orchid. I say I am good with plants-- however some have died. The Orchid required different things [not soil, something that resembled wood chips]--and my first attempt failed. I plan on getting another.

Here are a few of my house plants...

recently changed potting soil brand..

The category listing shows hardware-- but one came from IKEA and the other a hardware store.

My niece when she was about 3 or 4, and I made this arrangement from 2" plants I purchased from the market. My sister had a similar of our arrangements-- but we think she killed it.

Most of the plants are in the den-- shown in the following photo.

The palm tree-- really does not match the den's decor-- and I rarely take photos of it. The arrangement on the mini-bar and the palm tree are behind me from the vantage point of the den photo, that's why you don't see them. I had a similar palm for many years in my Rockwell office [purchased from a florist in Georgetown Mall in 1985 or so]-- and got the plant shown-- soon after moving to Hanover. I really want something else for that space.

I use Miracle Gro Leaf Shine and Jobes Fertilizer Spikes.

... by the way--- air conditioner is working again.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Yesterday, had to be the hottest day yet..

Yesterday, around noon the air conditioner went on the fritz and it started getting very warm. Around 5:00 pm--- I went upstairs and took a shower. I never take showers in the middle of the day-- unless I have plans to go out.

After trying to coax the compressor fan to generate more cool air for most of the afternoon-- we finally turned the unit off around 8:00 pm last night.

I went upstairs to prepare for bed around 9:30 pm. The little fan shown in the photo on the left-- put out a decent amount of cool air-- until 2:30 am when I awoke with a throbbing headache.

I finally dozed off about 4:00 am and awoke around 8:00 am. Again awakening with a throbbing headache. The air conditioner repair guys were supposed to be here between 7:00 and 9:00 this morning, however pushed it back until 2:00 to 4:00 pm. Security issues dictate I do not provide more detail at this time.

Boy is it hot.

Other items... I read a lot of style bloggers. I used to link to them within blog posts. I get a lot of traffic. Some of these bloggers knew that. I knew that even before it was confirmed in Feb. 2012. How? I would get offers all the time from advertisers even though I had no revenue and some expected a link. I just knew. I would love too.. but there is a problem.

When I used to use BlogExplosion and other promotional tools daily for weeks on end, then stop for a day or two-- my Alexa numbers would get better then drop back-- more than where i started from. This is the reason I no longer link to blogs within blog posts. I need legal agreements for a blog roll. I [QiSoftware], cannot afford legal issues-- never could and certainly not now.

That said-- anything I do gets a lot of attention. So I like reminding bloggers I read- I read them.. Heather, Jenna, Lecia, Beth, Lindsey, Gabi, Rachel, Chiara, Andy, Erica, Nik, Monroe, Meg, Camille, Jen, Rebecca, Perpetually, Wendy, Budget, That's, Stripes, Penelope, Taza, Mac, Contessa, Phase, Nife etc..

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Betsey Johnson Capelet

I used to be a fashion shopper that would pay full price for anything I really wanted- so shopping for fall and winter during the heat of summer, was a rarity.

Now I like bargains- and lately I have been looking through online fashion catalogs. That's why when I found this Betsey Johnson black wool-blend belted faux fur collar capelet, I put it in my wish list.

Betsey Johnson black wool-blend belted faux fur collar capeletBetsey Johnson black wool-blend belted faux fur collar capelet

I have several [wool/leather] pencil skirts and full pleated wool skirts in black and charcoal shades- that will work with this capelet.

I am showing a sweater I own with a detachable faux fur collar-- that is similar in "look" to the capelet. The sweater a T.J. Maxx find several years ago.

Here I am showing the sweater with the collar attached and a pencil skirt.

Paired with sheer stockings or opaque black tights, black suede pumps and long black gloves -- and you will have a sophisticated look.

In the meantime-- I have been pulling out cargo pants, capri pants and other summer causal items to see what works with my latest sandal purchases. More later...

How to negate the background as shown in the photos with the pleated skirt and sweater? The outfit was haning on a white door when i took the photos. After loading into Mac OSX iPhoto, edit the photo using the "Exposure" slide feature. It negates the white background and shadows.

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fruit Salad & Stuffed Crust Pizza..

Yesterday, for lunch I had a DiGiorno Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza, the two serving version. The packaging suggested a one serving dish-- however when I checked the nutrient label-- it showed two.

I used the convection rather than a conventional oven- and suggest a minor change for this type of oven. The package suggested 400 degrees for 18-20 minutes, however for the convection oven I think you should try 350-375 degrees for slightly less time.

I have to say-- I really liked this pizza. It looked small but it was very filling. I think it was the cheese filling in the crust. My mother also liked it a lot.

For dinner I had fruit salad. Watermelon and cantaloupe-- along with half of a Thomas' Bagel with cream cheese.

This morning for breakfast-- I had the same thing, i.e., fruit salad and bagel.

This week, my mother [she got back Sunday] made a market haul-- [I have been watching too many Youtube videos with girls going out for new clothes and accessories. They call this a shopping haul or something like a Forever 21 haul...] -- so I have lots to choose from. Glad there is lots of fruit.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Steve Madden Wanting Wedges

Today, the package with my new Steve Madden Wanting Wedges arrived. Here are photos--

The fit ran true to size. They are a bit higher than I expected-- however, I absolutely love them. See this link for how to get them.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

cooking for one...

Sometimes I have to laugh at my own- reasoning. Yesterday, I was reading an article about slow cooking. I think it was on Blogher. Anyway-- I noticed a photo of the Crock Pot I purchased for my sister as a Christmas present. Someone was making a lemon chicken dish-- and I decided I should have gotten one for us too. The slow cooker was a great buy at Costco that year.

That said-- when I merged my kitchenware [I rarely cooked before coming back to Hanover], with the things already here-- we had more than enough slow cookers, mixers, and blenders. So the reasoning as to why I would want to buy the crock pot-- was a bit silly.

The other thing that must be said-- I normally only cook for me-- so a lot of our kitchen appliances go unused.

When my sister moved in late 2005 she had never lived away from home-- so she needed everything. Buying gifts for her -- is easy.. I get her Kitchenware. Chafing dishes, crock pots, Cuisinart Grill, etc.

Last night, I took inventory of the kitchenware that has been mostly purchased by me over the years-- since I moved to Hanover, and laughed at the number of items that collect dust.
UsageBuy Again?
Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker purchased as a Christmas gift. Used the first 3 years after purchase. Like knowing if Ina Garten says let's make ice cream-- I have a maker she uses. Works well.

[Yes, it's real. I am good with plants.]
Baby George Rotisserie- purchased as a Christmas gift. Used the first 5 years after purchase perhaps once every 3 months. Works well- clean up a bit hard. Covering with Pam and aluminum foil helps with clean up.Yes
Oster Waffle Maker- purchased as a Christmas gift. Works well. Still use. [Love the KitchenAid Stand Mixer-- however purchased before I arrived.]Yes
Oster Convection Oven/Toaster- purchased as a birthday gift. Works well. Absolutely love this oven for summer cooking. Still using.Yes
George Foreman Grill- purchased just because. Works well. Frying a steak or indoor-- grilling. Much healthier with this grill. Use once a year-- maybe.Yes
KitchenAid Toaster- purchased as a Christmas gift. Works okay. Still using.No

I think if I entertained more or there were more of us here-- the kitchenware would get more use. I always cook. But I cook for one. I really do not need more than a stove top, microwave and convection oven.. Should you come over for lemon chicken? No.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

she just looked rich..

Awhile back-- I was at Costco and noticed this attractive girl in the checkout line in an outfit-- that screamed-- I am rich. What was she wearing?

A pair of flat black leather riding boots [the length not pulled over the knee], a black leather short jacket, black close fitting jeans- that did not look like denim, tucked into the boots and large hoop earrings. I cannot remember now- if they were gold or silver-- but this girl inspired envy. I am seldom envious of another girl's look while out-- and she did.

I even tried to copy the look with things I had-- and failed [I am not even going to show the photo].

When I was younger-- I would not have considered a black boot without a heel. The girl was maybe 22 or so-- and what was surprising was she chose the flat riding boot and not the spiked heel with the over the knee length on the boot.

I selected some items that I think will achieve the look she inspired.

Ciao Bella black leather 'San Severo' flat boots

When I left home-- a year after I started with Boeing [I lived at home during my four years at college]-- I stopped buying causal outfits. If I did buy something other than a business suit or evening dress-- it was rare. Two or three years ago when I tried to pull together the look with things I had-- it was from outfits I have had since college. I tend to keep my clothes forever.. especially leather items. I even have the full length caramel leather coat I wore in high school. I now wish that I had purchased the riding boot and not the high heeled-- [though it was at the knee] leather black boot.

A classic style will last forever.

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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

why is that important?

Yesterday, I contacted Commission Junction [CJ] and asked them to activate my old account. I added this blog's url-- and installed a link for an old affiliate now new-again.

When the CJ account was deactivated [about 2 years ago]- the 15 or so affiliate relationships I had at the time- were also terminated. It was relatively easy to reactivate the old account-- however I have to re-apply to each affiliate for a relationship. Some are no longer even there-- and others I will probably pass on for right now.

Why would I do this? It's complicated and I am not going to provide a lot of details, that said- the on-going issues with Washington have dictated I once again try to show-- how we got to this point in the first place.

As I indicated earlier, I also restarted posting to the online communities I belong to. Not about the issues [all except a legal advice forum]-- but more business issues I would normally discuss with the individual communities.

This morning, just before lunch-- I spent about 30-45 minutes writing a post for the Blogher community about a sport I love, tennis. Don't worry, I am not a highlighted writer, however I am told-- I am read. More than what's indicated.

Is this a concerted effort on my part-- to promote? Yes. Do I normally spend more time on posts like this to outside communities? Sometimes.

Earpiece and I discussed issues with professional tennis today-- as I watched the recent telecasts. It had been a long time since I watched professional tennis. That said-- over the last year I have ignored most of my online relationships-- and because [1] I wanted to start doing the things I used to do-- and [2] recently professional tennis has been on my mind-- I chose this forum to discuss some things. I am told things are happening in Washington. Day after day I am still getting teasers. I am moving on-- however saying I am ready for them to move forward or let go.. They are not letting go. They are teasing..

I am moving on. Will I be fixing some of the widgets on WiredPages? No. I will be doing very little in the way of programming. I need to move the sites-- and my current environment is simply too -- bugged- with too many cameras. Special interests who want to own me-- explain often just how bugged.. They too-- do not want everyone with access to my code.

Am I being given different numbers about affiliate sales-- inconsistent with the stats provided to me via my accounts? Yes. Washington legal is on-- and I am waiting... What's amazing about this.. my affiliates have paid-- and they are waiting on Washington Legal to release to me..

About, all I can do-- is show how we got here.. and hope Washington legal-- lets go. I used online forums well in the past. Coupled with my innovations, tools and WiredPages-- I am known.. I have been known for some time now.. Blogher? I developed something called the Blogger Calendar in 2004.. Please see.

Someone said something about 5 minutes before I started this post. They said the horrible photo I used with the post-- was important. Yes, that is my old Prince racket. What I find amazing-- some even at this juncture, want to take credit for my work? Why?

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Monday, July 08, 2013

I know how old I am ...

Today, I ordered these shoes. I just had to have them.

Many were aware, that several years ago-- I waited too long to purchase a pair of Nine West Gladiators similar to these Steve Madden's.

When I was in high school we used to wear platform sandals with socks and painters pants year round-- amongst many styles. I wanted to get the Nine West version to do something similar with my jeans--- today. I looked everywhere for that shoe-- so this morning when I found the Steve Madden "Wanted" Wedge I put it in my wish list and the Listmania list [see last post] to show blog visitors.

Some feel-- I do not know my age-- though they tell me all the time I have great legs. I really do not ask for this feedback-- nevertheless I get it. So I wanted to put many at ease.

One, I have been wearing heels since high school and feel really comfortable in them. And two, I went to the office in suits and heels. My high school and college internships were in offices-- and when I worked pt at Circuit City in college-- I routinely wore suits, dresses and heels.

That said, I noticed this weekend many of the style bloggers I read- photograph in heels-- however when they go on vacation wear flats or no shoes at all. The thing is-- they are not wearing business suits with the heels they photograph in. They are more in "play" clothes. My point-- I buy heels to wear. For "Play" and "Business".

My new Maddens-- will been worn with pants, jeans and capris. You will be surprised how conservative they will look with my brown suede jacket, jeans, socks and Kenneth Cole watch. They will not be worn with short shorts. See these shorts?

They are Wranglers and I got them [full length jeans] when I was in high school. I probably cut them off when I was in college when I got my first pair of Calvin's [Kleins] -- which I also still have.

Did I ever wear platform shoes with these cutoffs? No. I wore my platforms with slacks back then-- too. Even if I could get into those shorts-- I would not wear the new Madden's with them. This looks cute on some. I would look like a bimbo.. I know how old I am... thanks.

Dear family-- thanks for the funds to get my new shoes for my birthday this year. My mother paid for the Kickers. The new Madden's? My birthday is the 20th of this month [July].. hint, hint.

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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Amazon aStore Using Listmania.

This "How To" assumes you have both an Amazon Buyer's account as well as an Associates account. I am documenting this "How To.." because it was not that intuitively obvious to me as to how this was done.

  • Create an Amazon Listmania providing details about items you like and wish to display on your site or blog. See this link for Amazon instructions.
  • To update or modify a Listmania after it has been created-- see this link.
  • Make sure you "Publish" your Listmania after creation or modification.
  • Within your Amazon Associates account-- [this is different than your buyer's account] select the aStore tab. Create an aStore then select "Add Products From a Listmania list". When you select this option from the pull menu-- the form will query for the Listmania ID you wish to use. See these instructions on how to get the Listmania ID [scroll down the page]. "Save Changes after you create or update your aStore.
  • Select "Widgets" from the top menu of your or Amazon Associates account page. After the "Widgets" page has loaded select the aStore Widget. Set up custom colors for your web page and install it on the page-- using the HTML the aStore widget offers. If you have multiple aStore[s] make sure you use the correct tracking ID-- for the store you wish to use.. You will have to manually update the HTML the widget offers..

I added the following aStore widget to the sidebar of this blog using this "How To".

I currently, only have one item in this Listmania-- however using the instructions above-- I can easily modify the Listmania-- deselecting the solid "brass cuff" currently in my Amazon Buyer's account Wish List-- to some other item.

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Saturday, July 06, 2013

trying to have a life...

I love ice cream sandwiches. I tend to get the Klondike brand. This week I made them. I have to say they were delicious.

Interesting issues offered [via earpiece] when I was editing the photos for the above graphic. The guy said-- it concerns me that you know how to do that. He indicated he worked for Lamar. I have no idea why Lamar is still all over me DOJ. He is with congress. I do not work for the Federal Government... Please get Lamar off me.

That said-- I explained to the guy-- that graphic artists worldwide used Adobe Photoshop [I use ImageComposer by Microsoft] to do similar things-- i.e., erasing background pixels from photographs to make them background-less-- and Federal Government employees should catch up with the times.

For some reason-- doing things like this-- makes government personnel upset-- in that they seem to think I might teach someone how to do things-- others get paid to do.

How many people have consoles? Not sure.. but its okay if government personnel learn to do something other than play with knobs on consoles and not pretend everything I do is a national security issue.

Talk to commercial business.. A lot of colorful people can do what I did.. Government-- maybe you should do more in the real world.. and get off me. Have you reviewed some of the videos uploaded to Youtube? Do you play with your Mac software? QuickTime? Get with the times and stop wasting mine.

Lamar-- told you and your son-- fake general @NSA all over me right now... Twice mentioned.. DOJ/FBI-- real Pentagon needs to show an national security issue.. Lamar and his fake general [son] need to get off me.

More on food-- I had a T-Bone Steak and Baked Potato on the 4th. Ice cream sandwiches yesterday..

I was in a good mood-- playing around with ImageComposer for the first graphic, above. Even though, this morning I broke the push lawnmower blade on a utility case in disrepair in the yard.

The lawnmower lost. It started once. Then shut down. When I tried again- it was smoking. Mother happy it was not the riding mower. I hate when things break while I am using them. Especially if I cannot afford to replace them. Thought about yelling at the cable company whose equipment it was that broke the blade but decided against it. Then, way too much Lamar in my ear. I passed a long time ago.. DOJ-- what am I not getting? get his crap off me.

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Friday, July 05, 2013

found two fixes..

Last week I had some issues with my Macbook's display. I believe the problem occurred because I cracked the case just under the monitor where it is hinged. There was a small screw-- in that location.

This problem began in Oct 2011-- and has not really been an issue until last week. Yesterday, I spent most of the afternoon trying to re-calibrate the display only to go to bed frustrated. This morning I finally fixed the problem.

That said-- yesterday I went in search of a portable monitor I could use with the Macbook and found the Toshiba shown on the right. If you are looking for a similar option for your Macbook-- you will need to visit and download a driver for the Mac OSX operating system-- as it uses a USB connection.

This item is still in my Wish List-- however it is a serious contender for my next purchase. When I have problems with my Macbook-- I use a flat-screen television monitor which works fine-- however, I need a more portable solution.

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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Skirt Kickers

Let me say first of all-- Happy 4th! The fireworks in my area started last night- though it is a calm quiet beautiful sunny morning here.

Recently, I have been working on different projects. One-- reacquainting myself with the online communities I belong to.

One is Skirt. Their banner--

all about women.. their work, play, families, creativity, style, health and wealth, bodies and souls... skirt! is an attitude

Here is my latest offering over there.

Also started organizing the contents of my bag and moving files to the new storage hard drives. I have to say-- I love those new drives. And the cables that came with them are USB 2.0 and work great. Yesterday, I had one sitting on top of the other as a copy operation was being performed and the red lights were just humming along... I love it when a plan comes together... See here-- for more about the drives.

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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

eats lately...

Yesterday, I was not feeling well, however I did make this Mac&Cheese dish for lunch which I also had for dinner.

This morning around 10:00, I made brunch which consisted of pancakes, bacon, and fried potato with onions.

It's quiet today and I have been working on several things. I am in a pretty good mood.

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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

bob are you retired?

I cannot now remember what I was watching-- it may have been a movie with Taye Diggs-- that mentions the new Harlem Renaissance. Homes are being remodelled and property values escalating such that yuppies find it a very attractive place to buy.

I was also a big fan of "This Old House" with Bob Vila and Norm. This years ago when i was still with Rockwell. So when i was coming up with ideas for Washington Style-- I thought a rehab of a Capitol Hill Town Home would be an interesting segment if a reality show was being purposed as well as video footage for the website.

I often come up with ideas for Washington Style-- while I am waiting for washington to finish. I am told business likes the idea, however not that impressed that government types want to run it. Neither am i. I have said no. Too government that do not think like entrepreneurs.

So yesterday, when an earpiece voice claiming to be Robert Reischauer asked me why I thought it was a good idea-- and my question response was -- why would I pitch to you? I want to pitch to Discovery, Disney, Bravo or PBS-- did I "screw me again?" That said, when I first came up with the idea for a segment [rehab projects that dealt with all aspects of style]-- in late 2012-- everyone said it was a good idea.

Later in the day-- Bob said, he was trying to play devil's advocate and have me pitch to him so he could pitch to others. Someone else chimed in.. Bob, they actually want to talk to Regina and not you, okay.

I am told Robert Reischauer is x cia-- and somehow related to Angus.. I am trying to get DOJ to end this and US Government types from the cia will not know me when I do.. Bob-- I am told this day it is ending then it does not.. I was also told-- I screwed myself yesterday-- because Jason was supposed to start today. A good week because there were only 4 business days and they only wanted three payments for the week. Some think I have a smart mouth.. I think I am logical. I often worry about a young relative because of this.. I am logical. If I wanted to smart off -- I would.. I am not going to know government when this ends.. I am too disgusted with all of it. I have said-- if the FBI wants tabs-- I'll be more than happy to accommodate.. that's about it. Keep in mind my mother is a president's daughter and they have always had tabs. I screwed me because I told you no? Bob--- I keep thinking you look smart. Get washington off me.

The washington style project was my business donation to the area and I wanted to find the right team to run it. an old guy from the cia is not the right guy to run it-- especially if you need my ideas and everyone knows it.

Real business people do not like dealing with old government types unless to get a government contract. I do not want a contract. I want you to stop violating my rights and to get off me.

By the way-- since I wanted to rehab the house I am in and it is close enough to washington-- thinking this would be over any day-- I thought this house woudl be the first-- since it was going to be rehabed in the first place. Would I be in the show.. no-- just the contractor and the architect.

Tired of old cia all over me.. I said no.

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Monday, July 01, 2013

what's going on... 7.1.13?

I was up at 5:30 am this morning-- to wish everyone off for the week.

Around 7:00 a.m., I mowed the larger area of the front lawn with the push mower [as opposed to the riding mower, before it began to rain again], and then watched tennis.

Around 11:00 am-- I had Kung Pao Chicken for lunch [no breakfast] and this for dessert about 2 hours later.

Some of the things I plan to eat-- for the rest of the week.

I skipped breakfast--- and got plenty of exercise with the lawnmower-- so not worried about my diet--- at least for today.

I took these shots last week of the Shasta Daisies in one of the front beds. Photo on the left taken at night-- the one on the right--the next morning.

And finally, last Friday when I went to get my license renewed-- you will recall I set my hair. I liked the way it looked when I left the bathroom at the MVA offices-- however by 6:00 PM that evening-- here is what it looked like.

I did all sorts of things after I got home [left the MVA offices around 11:30 am that morning]- and still had a little curl the next day.. This summer hair solution will work for me-- because I tend to wear my hair a bit messy anyway-- and I love the soft curls I get with the set and comb out.

I am getting ready to go through my bag to start to organize my discs and files. This in an effort to downsize my bag-- which the new hard drives will be used for. It will be a busy week.

By the way-- I have a Cannon PowerShot which I have been playing around with. I have had it since 2008-- and just now looking at its many features. This to explain why I have been testing night shots and lighting settings.

Washington-- still talking. Nothing new to report.. vibrations continue.. last night-- kind of hard. So flushed this morning-- I was pink by the time I walked around the lawn with the lawnmower for half an hour.. A year and a half ago-- I could do 9.6 miles on my elliptical everyday.. I was never flushed. Yes, vibrations affecting me.. Whining about this? Get off me.

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